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4 Must – Watch Real Estate Technology Trends

The boundaries of real estate technologies keep on expanding. Are you up to speed?

When looking at real estate technology trends, it seems like progress will never end. Ground-shaking technological advancements are spearheading the commercial industry bytransforming how this business gets done, how tenants interact with properties, andhow weview the CRE industry as a whole.

It’s 2020 and the pace is unprecedented. Commercial real estate pros from all around the globeneed to keep their eyes on these highly anticipated tech trends.

These are the biggest technology trends in real estate that we can’t afford to ignore:

Expect to See Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Integrations:

When 3D modeling technologies began taking hold within the world of real estate, it marked amajor progression of real estate tech. Virtual, augmented,and mixed reality integrations havebeen completely reimagining the industry at large.

One of the most prominent places we’re seeing VR in real estate is through virtual touring-something that’s already taken off within online leasing arenas and property listing websites.This major progression has helped enliven the market search process. VR tours are making thedetails clearer, expanding the target influence to remote buyers, and making listings moredynamic than ever.

But, it doesn’t stop there. VR is also helping to expand pre-construction leasing by advertisingproperties while they’re still in the development stage. Additionally, VR is being used to planproperty renovations and buildout projects, too.

Online Investment Marketplaces are Gaining Momentum

Shopping for real estate is going to get a lot more digital. This newly-introduced method of realestate marketing is helping investors from all around the world get in touch with buyers-regardless of their locations. Of course, virtual reality will be included in the marketing module.

Programs including these cutting-edge marketplaces are set to transform the real estate buyingand selling process in major ways.

Hello, Big Data

In today’s world, information is the most powerful asset in business. That said, it’s no wonderthat Big Data is marking a big presence within real estate. In this industry, Big Data refers to themassive stores of market research, analytics, and prospectsthat fuel winning real estatestrategies.

Real estate pros are harnessing the powers of Big Data to appeal to buyers, explore seller’smotivations, and zero in on the most coveted property features on the market. Don’t ignore theprofit-boosting powersof data-especially in 2020 and beyond

Going Quantum with Automation

Ever get the feeling there’s not enough time in the day? Well, business automation can help withthat. Real estate businesses are choosing to harness the powers of automation to alleviatesome of the busywork required to stay current in today’s market.

Social media streams, daily operations, client communications, and property upkeep are goingthrough an intensive automation process-helping real estate professionals spend more time onthe things that matter most.No matter what your role is in the real estate industry is, keeping an eye on these trends willkeep you ahead of the pack

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