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Property Managers: How to Handle the Influx of Package Deliveries

Property Managers: How to Handle the Influx of Package Deliveries

Welcome to the age of e-commerce. The contemporary digitized shopping module is impactingcommercial real estate in more areas than just retail and industrial-it’s also having strongimpacts on multifamily.

Multifamily tenants rely on massive online realtors, such as Amazon, meaning more packagesare coming through the door-and they all need to be processed through the building’scentralized mail circuit.

A few years ago, this wasn’t much of a stressor for management. However, the times havecertainly changed and the sheer number of online orders isn’t what it used to be.

According todata from E-Marketer, by 2023 the global e-commerce industry is anticipated toexceed $6.5billion. This change has happened so quickly it’s left multifamily managersstruggling to keep up.Multifamily property managers are facing an unprecedented volume of package deliverieswhere both the frequency of deliveries and the number of boxes havebeen exponentiallyincreased. The heat is on-and, with e-commerce on the rise, it’s only expected to intensify.

It’s time to get the situation under control before it gets out of hand. Use these 4 tips to stayorganized:

Let Tech Lend a Hand

At thispoint, it’s a good time to invest in technologies. Technology is playing a pivotal role insupporting today’s quota of package deliveries.

There are tons of ways tech can be weaved into the package delivery process-be it at the frontdoor for mailmen,through a community app that alerts tenants to their delivery, or a digitallydelivered safe code key that needs to be shown to retrieve a package.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the possibilities for tech integration. The options are nearly endless,but focus on what matters most for your community needs. Property managers should take adeeper look at their specific issues and employ tech to their primary pain points

Consider Expanding the Mail Room

If your property’s mailroom is already feeling cramped,it may be time to invest in a renovation.Expanding the mailroom is a must in order to accommodate packages-which are increasing inboth number and size.

Hire More On-Site Team Members

At this point, the package delivery system has gotten so intense that it may be time to startgrowing your team.

Increasing the number of people on-site can help alleviate the pressures of accomodating forthe frequent deliveries happening daily. In fact, some property managers even find it necessaryto create a position specifically to handle the influx of e-commerce packages.

Delivery Lockers Assure Safety and Security

No property management team wants to incur the wrath of a tenant who can’t locatetheirpackage. Mailroom discrepancies are becoming a big issue for management teams that arestruggling to mitigate the organization and security issues that accompany e-commerce deliveries.

In order to avoid these issues, delivery lockers are helping keep packages safe and secure.These unit-specific lockers are a safe house for e-commerce orders until their owners can comedown and pick them up. This lock-and-key option is superior to leaving the package sitting out inthe open.

These 4 tips are setto help streamline the added load of package deliveries to multifamilyproperties-mitigating the stress from the management team

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